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Power Supplies

Universal power supplies can be used on a variety of devices as an economical power source. All power supplies are voltage-stabilized and short-circuit proof, available in different power ratings, ideal for industrial applications.
Celltech A/S er Ansmann partner siden 2001.


sku name Input Output Type Plug Dim. Weight g Brand Prod. sheets
5111243 APS 1000 Universal 100-240VAC 3-12V; 1A Max 12W Plug-In Multi 48 x 74 x 70mm 144 Ansmann
5111233 APS 300 Universal 100-240VAC 3-12V; 0,3-0,6A Max 3,6W Plug-In Multi 42 x 69 x 70mm 102 Ansmann
1201-0000 APS 600 Universal 100-240VAC 3-12V; 0,6A Max 7,2W Plug-In Multi 42 x 69 70mm 125 Ansmann
5111253 APS 1500 Universal 100-240VAC 3-12V; 1,5A Max 18W Plug-In Multi 55 x 80 x 70mm 161 Ansmann
5311133 APS 2250 L Universal 100-240VAC 5-15V; 1,8-2,25A Max 27W Desk-Top Multi 53 x 100 x 32mm 291 Ansmann
5311143 APS 2250 H Universal 100-240VAC 12-24V; 1,0-2,25A Max 27W Desk-Top Multi 53 x 100 x 32mm 291 Ansmann