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MK BATTERY – MK sealed gel batteries offer high quality combined with environmental friendly accumulator technology for cyclical and local accumulator applications. The accumulators are suitable for sites where cyclical durability, accumulation and discharging at low currents, short re-accumulation time or high temporary performance are required. MK batteries are made according to the highest standards at one of the largest independent, state-of-the-art factories in the USA.


sku name Voltage Capacity L x W x H (mm) Weight kg Terminal Prod. sheets
MK1231 MK1231 12V 31Ah 212 x 130 x 184 11,00 Bolt
MK1240 MK1240 12V 31Ah 212 x 130 x 184 11,00 Bolt
MK1250 MK1250 12V 50Ah 228 x 138 x 235 17,10 Bolt
MK1260 MK1260 12V 60Ah 259 x 169 x 175 18,00 Bolt
MK1273 MK1273 12V 73Ah 260 x 171 x 215 24,30 Bolt
MK1286 MK1286 12V 86Ah 300 x 171 x 235 28,70 Bolt
MK1297 MK1297 12V 97Ah 328 x 171 x 235 32,50 Bolt