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We represent the leading battery manufacturers in the world. Our selection features various battery chemistries from small coin batteries to the common cylindrical batteries. We can also provide customised, product-specific packages that are optimised to the client’s process. Correct battery package ensures a prudent, flexible and cost-efficient manufacturing process. Contact us to find out more about our product line!

1,4V Zink-Air, Ansmann & Energizer

1,55V Micro, Silver Oxide, Renata, Ansmann & Energizer

1,5V & 9V Lithium, Ansmann & Energizer

3,0V & 3,6V Lithium, Ultralife

3,0V & 6,0V Lithium, Renata, Ansmann & Energizer

3,6V Lithium, EVE

3,6V Lithium, Tadiran

3,95V Capacitor, EVE

Alkaline Ansmann

Alkaline Energizer

Buoy batteries