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3,6V Lithium, Ultralife

3.6V Li-SOCl 2 Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Ultralife’s UHR series (H for Power) is a high-current series which can provide higher constant current and pulse currents compared to the standard series. With lithium 3.6V you can expect a constant power supply throughout the life of the battery, and this chemistry is distinguished by being able to deliver under more extreme temperatures from -55 / + 70 degrees. Therefore, this series is ideal for high-current applications (GSM / GPS) Tracking units. Other typical field areas are Military, Alarm & Security Systems, Metering Systems such as Water & Heat Meters, etc.


Part No.. Name Model Volt Cap. Max Cont. Disc.. Max Puls Disc. Dim.  Gr. Datasheet
UHR-ER14505H AA Spiral Power 3,6 2,0Ah 0,4Ah 0,8Ah 14,5 x 51mm 19
UHR-ER18505M A Spiral 3,6 3,0Ah 0,6Ah 1,0Ah 18,5 x 51mm 32
UHR-ER26500H C Spiral Power 3,6 6,5Ah 1,0Ah 1,5Ah 26,2 x 50mm 55
UHR-ER34615M D Spiral 3,6 14,5Ah 2,1Ah 3,0Ah 34,2 x 61,5mm 107
UHR-ER34615H D Spiral Power 3,6 14,5Ah 2,1Ah 3,0Ah 34,2 x 61,5mm 107