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Ansmann is a well-known German company which was founded in 1991 by Edgar Ansmann AG develops mobile energy solutions.

The program consists primarily of batteries and charging systems and lighting. Ansmann is steadily growing and currently with 400 employees worldwide, has over 50 World sales partners who take care of Ansmann business internationally as well as nationally.

Celltech has been Ansmann partner since 2001.


sku name Fokus IP Lumen Op. time Dim. Batt. Image Prod. sheets
1600-0087 Agent 1,2F Yes 54 230 4T Ø34,5 x 127,5mm 3 x AAA Billede
1600-0067 Agent Penlight Nej 54 20 12T Ø15,5 x 142mm 2 x AAA Billede
1600-0033 Agent Mini Nej 67 50 3T Ø25 x 106mm 1 x AA Billede
1600-0034 Agent 1 Nej 67 120 4T Ø31 x 121mm 3 x AAA Billede
1600-0035 Agent 2 Nej 67 125 3T Ø31 x 160mm 2 x AA Billede
1600-0036 Agent 5 Nej 67 220 17T Ø36 x 131mm 4 x AAA Billede
1600-0137 PRO 3i1 Yes 54 180 11T Ø33 x 125,5mm 3 x AAA Billede
1600-0059 Future T300F Yes 160 7T Ø44 x 235mm 2 x C Billede
1600-0060 Future T500F Yes 260 50T Ø52 x 320mm 3 x D Billede
5816633 Future 2AA PLUS No 80 10T Ø25 x 156mm 2 x AA Billede
5816603 Future 1AA PLUS No 30 6T Ø23 x 100mm 1 x AA Billede
5816023 Future 2C PLUS No 125 10T Ø40 x 219mm 2 x C Billede
5816033 Future 3D PLUS No 160 40T Ø50 x 315mm 3 x D Billede
5816593 X1 LED No 12 10T Ø25 101mm 1 x AA Billede
5816483 X2 LED No 12 20T Ø25 x 150mm 2 x AA Billede
5816713 X3 LED No 25 50T Ø42 x 236mm 2 x C Billede
5101173 RC2 Genopladlige No 12 3T Ø44 x 149mm 3,6V/160mAh Billede
1600-0028 Stylus PEN 4i1 Laser/PDA/Pen/LED No 5mm LED Ø10 x 120mm 3 x LR41 Billede
5001253 Penlight Clip LED No 5mm LED Ø12 x 121mm 2 x AAA Billede
5000023 SF1 Teleskop lampe No 5mm LED Ø11 X 170mm 3 x LR41 Billede
5001183 Pointer 4i1 Laser/LED/PDA/Pen No 5mm LED Ø9,5 x 153mm 3 x LR41 Billede
1600-0025 Pointer 2i1 Laser/LED No 5mm LED Ø10 x 60mm 3 x LR41 Billede
1600-0037 Mini nøglering LED No 5mm LED Ø10 x 50mm 3 x LR41 Billede