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Ultralife LiMn02 Manganese

Ultralife Lithium manganese 3V batteries are distinguished by the small sizes, very light batteries with tremendous power in the form of high constant power drains and high pulse emissions. The advantage of lithium manganese is the high capacities of the individual sizes, while the batteries operate in extreme environments & temperature changes from -40 to + 72 degrees without problems. Therefore, these batteries are well suited for Meter equipment as well as remote controlled logger systems as well as tracking equipment such as GPS Trackers etc.


Part no. Name Model Volt Cap. Max Cont. Disc. Max Puls Disc. Dim.  Gr. Datasheet
UB123A 123A CR123A 3,0 1,8Ah 1,5Ah 2,5Ah 34,5 x 17mm 17
UB15270 CR2 CR2 3,0 0,75Ah 0,5Ah 1,0Ah 27 x 15 mm 11
U10010 19650 CR19650 3,0 3,2Ah 1,5Ah 2,0Ah 68,45 x 19,18mm 42
U10025 C CR26500 3,0 4,8Ah 2,0Ah 4,2Ah 34,2 x 61,5mm 61
U10026 D CR34615 3,0 13Ah 3,3Ah 7,0Ah 34 x 61,5mm 122