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Environment and quality

Responsible operations

Celltech and our employees strive to each processor is performed in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

Continual improvement and awareness of environmental issues characterize our work and all employees to strive to reduce environmental impact.

With an active marketing and technical support we affect our customers to choose batteries that are least harmful to the environment and as quickly as possible to phase out environmentally harmful batteries where it is technically possible. We strive always to use products with the best possible environmental performance. We promote products with packaging as the least environmental impact possible. We are actively working to optimize our logistics and avoid unnecessary transport. Likewise, we prioritize suppliers that have an environmental policy. In addition, Celltech try to avoid unnecessary resource consumption. We do this in order to achieve optimal utilization of raw materials and thus avoid unnecessary strain on the environment and overuse.

Collection, storage and proper disposal of batteries is practiced by careful sorting of each product.

Celltech is member of Elretur

Policies and certificates

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